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We have specialized in the development of Employee Benefits programs:

• to comply with contractual obligations arising from national sector agreements or from company bargaining;
• for management of benefits for employees or key men.

Through a network of agreements with partner-companies, we are able to provide solutions via welfare founds in order to allow the companies to give the employees themselves and their families benefits with fiscal and contributory advantages and furthermore with advantages in terms of strengthening the company’s working atmosphere.

Following the introduction of new forms of corporate welfare, we can set up welfare programs to be actuated through a highly differentiated platform for the management of flexible benefits.

We provide our experience to create and manage insurance and service programs for homogeneous groups such as: trade associations, professional associations, trade unions and foundations.
The programs can also be managed with an online platform.

We can operate on:

• Professional Civil Liability and Legal Protection
• Patrimonial gross negligence policies, gross medical negligence
• Medical expenses reimbursement policy
• Accident policies

Our Motors division deals with:

• Management of auto-collective policies or company’s fleets;
• Claims analysis and assessment of the degree of risk retention;
• Economies of scale;
• Use of market rate monitoring systems;
• Cost containment;
• Technical analysis of the opportunity cost of optional coverages;
• Punctual, precise and certain management of policy documents;
• Constant discussion and interconnection between the Auto division and the Claims division.

Total protection for your company.
It is the indispensable tool for the entrepreneur who wants to work safely while protecting his business and company.

Target audience: the product is intended for industries and their warehouses.

What it is: it is an insurance plan designed with the contribution of operators belonging to the industrial sector, consisting of three sections that can be purchased together or separately, each of which offers a broad package of guarantees, such as to satisfy the main insurance needs of industrial enterprises; moreover, thanks to particular options, this plan allows to flexibly adapt the coverage in the case of specific operators’ needs.

The product is structured on three “Sections”:

• Fire
• Theft
• Civil Liability


The policy insures buildings, machines, equipment, furnishings and goods as well as valuables, archives and data backups and print media, against material damage resulting from a series of events provided for in the contract.

The warranty covers material and direct damage to the insured items in the event of fire, lightning, explosion, burst, electric discharges, development of smoke, hail and wind and for a series of other damaging events.

In the event of an accident, the extraordinary expenses incurred for the continuation of the activity and the expenses necessary to demolish, clear out and transport the residues of the accident are also refund.

Finally, the policy includes the amounts due to third parties for liability in the event the company’s premises are rented and in the event of fire damage to third party property.


This policy covers for damage resulting from theft and robbery of goods, machines, equipment, furnishings of company’s pertinence.

The warranty also includes theft and robbery occurring outside the industrial premises, in the case of the transport of valuables, as well as coverage for damage and breakdowns caused by thieves on the occasion of theft or robbery.

The policy also provides for the insurance of goods placed in third party premises or at exhibitions, fairs and displays.

Civil Liability

The policy protects the entrepreneur from the consequences arising from claims for damages related to the exercise of the company’s business, such as, for example, damage to property of third parties or personal injury unintentionally caused to employees or third parties.