Do you want to send us a complaint? Here are the instructions


Dear Customer,

without prejudice to the possibility of contacting the judicial authorities, you have the right to submit a complaint in writing to the Company at the addresses indicated in the additional DIP or to the intermediary. For the complaints addressed to the intermediary, you can use the dedicated email addresses or the PEC email address and finally you can send the complaint by registered letter with return receipt addressed to the Complaints Department – Double S Insurance Broker SpA, via Mazzini n. 3, 07100 – Sassari.

In order to facilitate the response, the complaint must contain the indication of:

  • the subject of the complaint and the description of the circumstances on which it concerns;
  • the role of the complainant (e.g. Policyholder, Insured, Damaged, Beneficiary, Consumer Association, or other);
  • your home address;
  • your telephone number and / or e-mail address;
  • the policy number;
  • the Contractor’s name;
  • number and date of the eventual claim to which you refer;
  • if the complaint concerns the behavior of our employees and / or collaborators or concerns the products / services we offer;
  • any other information you think is useful to help us understand the problem.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the complaint or if there is no reply from the intermediary or the Company within the legal deadline of 45 days, you also have the right to contact IVASS using the appropriate form provided on the website by sending the complaint to the following addresses: via PEC to the address, via fax to 06.42133206 or via ordinary mail to “IVASS Consumer Protection Service” – Via del Quirinale, 21 00187 Rome.


Furthermore, you have the right to use any other alternative dispute resolution systems provided for by current legislation, again as indicated in the additional DIP.


Finally, you also have the right to contact the Guarantee Fund for the activity of insurance and reinsurance brokers set up at Consap – address via Yser no. 14, 00198 Rome and telephone 06.857961 – to request, where the conditions exist and the right to do so, the compensation for the pecuniary damage caused by the exercise of the intermediation activity. However, the compensation must have not been refund by the intermediary itself or through the Civil Liability insurance contract for damages caused to the contracting parties by negligence and errors of the intermediary or by negligence, professional errors and infidelity of employees, collaborators or persons whose work the intermediary must answer according to law.