Double S Insurance Brokers is pleased to announce the joining of Giuseppe Barbati into the management team, who will serve as co-General Manager with responsibility for the technical and commercial area. In particular, Dr. Barbati will deal with the development of commercial agreements with a view to reinsurance.

To him the great good luck from the whole Company for a long and rewarding journey together.

Giuseppe Barbati. He took his first steps in insurance agencies from 1992 to 2003, passing through established national realities. In March 2004 he began his journey with the Aon group, starting as a manager of financial relations with the European, American and Asian reinsurance markets, up to the management of foreign markets in 2011.

In the two-year period 2008-2009 he contributed to the creation of Aon Benfield Italia as Iloyds Broker, playing an important role in the organization and implementation of the claim management on the systems of Iloyds trade unions. In 2011, the transition to Aon Re Trust Broker takes place, a 100% Aon Benfield reality created ad hoc for the development of direct business with the aim of generating business opportunities in reinsurance. In a short time, business was developed in all insurance branches, especially in the automotive sector: in this field, Aon Re Trust is the market leader for the distribution of insurance products in the financial sector, banks, captive and non-captive car manufacturers, as well as player and main placement broker of the NLT’s (long-term rental) world.

The business expands to the European area where important international agreements are signed with car manufacturers. Since 2018 Aon Re Trust has been incorporated into Aon Benfield and carries out business development with the main car manufacturers, designing new distribution models and innovative products and collaborating with all the main European companies.


Sassari, 21st October 2020